Local Favorite - Lulu Carpenter's

Lulu Carpenter's


Lulu Carpenter's is a local artisan coffee roaster.  They source from around the world and prefer organic whenever possible.  Lulu's operates several coffee houses, though my favorite is The Octagon on Cooper St.  It's a quirky spot - the building was originally built in 1882 to serve as Santa Cruz County's Hall of Records, then in the mid 20th century, it became a museum and shop.  It was finally transformed into Lulu's in 2007.  Lulu's coffee is excellent and they offer a variety of blends.  For those of us who prefer dairy free, there are several options including almond milk.  Lulu's also has an extensive tea list.  I love to get a pot of tea to warm up on a chili day -  my favorite is Cinnamon Black.